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XC1 Smart Controller

It’s time to take control with C-Dax Smart Control

Modern farming practices demand modern farming equipment. XC1 Smart Control is designed to let you take full control and make modern farming easy.

Comprehensively designed for modern granulated fertilisers and seed spreading, the C-DIT 400 & 1300 spreaders with XC1 capability allow you to easily take advantage of GPS technology to get the most out of your fertiliser inputs. Achieve accuracy and efficiency that you’ve only ever dreamed of with the most innovative and yet simple spreading system around.

Pasture Meter XC1 helps you quickly and simply utilise GPS technology, auto-paddock recognition and FarmKeeper software to ensure you're getting maximum grass utilsation and can make important farming decisions easily based on accurate information.

XC1: The key to modern farming

  1. Cross platform console
    You don't have to learn a whole new system when you choose to spread or measure, now you can do both from the same XC1 console

  2. Maximum efficiency and accuracy
    XC1 ensures driver errors are practically non-existent. You'll get data you can trust to make important decisions with and know that you're being as efficient as possible with costly inputs

  3. Future proof
    Accurate record keeping is incredibly simple. Pasture Meter runs are easily tracked, compared and graphed, while spreading applications are fully traceable

  4. Specific modern farming design
    XC1 is designed to take full advantage of modern farming techniques and products such as granulated fertilisers and seed

  5. Ease of operation
    XC1 pasture data collection is as simple as riding your quad bike around the paddock while XC1 spreading means you just set your rate and drive

  6. New Zealand Made
    Designed and manufactured in NZ for farmers


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